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Previous Entry Alice Hoffman's Blue Diary 4/5 Mar. 1st, 2004 @ 01:53 pm Next Entry
I couldn't write a better review than this one so I will just write a
This book was written as a murder mystery in reverse, hence not a mystery. It tells the story of the people. You start the book reading about this man and his perfect marriage and how he is probably one of the most perfect men in the town until you find out he is a murderer who has created a different life for himself. But the kicker is that you still really like him. The entire town is rallying around him to support him while his wife is trying to make sense of it. And it isn't until she starts to research into the 15 year old victim's life and the circumstances surrounding it that everyone close to him is betrayed. It wasn't until probably the last chapter that I actually wanted him to reach a guilty verdict. Of course the book isn't about the court case as it and the verdict is left out of the novel. It is about loyalty, friendships and love on so many levels. There are great sub plots in it. I've never read Alice Hoffman before and while I still probably won't read the rest of her books. I still reccomend this one.

for those bored nights when you are sitting on your computer, even the busiest of us have them. http://www.bookreporter.com/ has some excellent reviews.
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