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I actually listened to this book on tape while driving to a job interview in Cape Cod [this is where it should click to you as to why I have time to do this, Oh! She's unemployed] I read the last chapter in a Barnes and Noble and I think it might actually be best on tape. A friend of mine agrees. If you are twenty-something, Have ever worked in a service industry, or have ever baby-sat even in high school, this book will hit home. It is as funny as it is sad. Its about self-centeredness and child raising. When you are serving people they assume that is what you are meant to do, not that you are doing it because you are working towards something better, like college. Nanny is the name of a baby-sitter in New York. Who works for a seven figure income family in Manhattan. She is a college student but as far as the mother, who doesn't work, Nanny's soul purpose is to take care of her son. Only she doesn't realize that Nanny is raising her son. Throughout the book, Nan is aware of an affair that the husband is having, She goes through obstacle courses only to have occasional reminders that they don't even notice her or their son. It is only their son who keeps her there. It is definitely a chick book as it is told from the view point of a female. But its great and a really quick read or even better, listening for a long car ride. Every library has a copy and the intonation of voices on the tape make it all the more better. The genericness of the names, Mr& Mrs. X and nanny bring home the fact that this really could refer to anyone. Emma Hoffman wrote it from the experiences of 30 different New York babysitters/
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